Beautiful Blogger Award

I am thrilled to have been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award and I accept!!!

Here are the Rules for accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Thank the one who nominated you

Thank you AnaHSwan

2. Attach the award to your site

3. List 7 random things about yourself

  1.  My favourite colour is orange but I recently bought the book – 50 Shades of Grey.
  2.  I love solitude. My most sacred space is my studio in a former cotton mill built in 1900.
  3.  I paint to music. My current favourites include Leonard Cohen, Mavis Staples, Miles Davis, Gossip, Kurt Nilsen, Etta James and George Thorogood.
  4.  I never learned to drive but love to walk everywhere.
  5.  I get my most creative ideas when walking by myself on city streets, in parks and on hiking trails.
  6.  I love strong black coffee, prosecco wine, and popcorn – not usually together.
  7.  My favourite magazine is The New Yorker, and not just for the cartoons.

4.Nominate 15 other bloggers

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2 comments on “Beautiful Blogger Award”

  1. Linda, I cannot find an unrestricted Blogger Award image. I tried copying yours but cannot get it to work in the right position. I do not want to use one that has a link to another site.

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