Orchidaceous! Photos Win Awards at Royal Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show Art Exhibit

White Orchid won Best in Class (Photography) and First Prize and Far-Out received Honourable Mention at the Royal Botanical Gardens’ 2017 Annual Orchid Show Art Exhibit.

These photos are from my photo art portfolio Orchidaceous! Along with ten other poster-sized prints of exotic orchids, they were on view in April 2016 at Gallery4 at the Hamilton Public Library and were the featured exhibition at McMaster Innovation Park’s (MIP) Art in the Workplace from August to November 2015.

To see more of my photos and art, view my gallery wall located in YESTERDAY, 333 Barton Street East, Hamilton, or check out my website www.lindajoyceott.com

About the Optimism of Color Blog

Every Tuesday and Friday, I’m posting a photo or piece of art that I’ve created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. Through vibrant colors and bold visceral forms, these works shout out my joy at being alive, and my good fortune at being able to continue to make art after a near death experience.

Each of the images I post brings a smile to my face. I hope they bring you similar joy and laughter through the Optimism of Color.

All photos © Linda Joyce Ott, 2016

Links may be used provided that credit is given to optimismofcolor.com.

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