Looking for Reading Material? Download my Fiction Books for Free!

I believe that reading books can help you cope during these trying times, so I’ve just made my dystopian novel, The Naked Law, and my book of short stories, Open Wounds, Secret Obsessions, free to download from Smashwords! 


Click here to download – The Naked Law 

Here’s a short description on what The Naked Law is about: “Before you die, you must divest yourself of all your worldly goods. That is The Naked Law of a new world order. But if you keep telling stories, or if you keep making art, you may just delay the Final Reckoning.

The Naked Law opens with the launch of a blog that shares stories about life after The Final Catastrophe. You will hear from a chorus of voices including Sheri, a collector who is preparing for her day in court to argue against the Essential Goods Inventory form; Laszlo the Fixer, an old world rebel who helped rebuild society after The Great Resolve; and Amy Anderson, author of the Clutter-Buster’s blog. You will also encounter Lena Lorca, an artist struggling with creativity and death in a brave new world.” 


Click here to download – Open Wounds, Secret Obsessions 

Back cover blurb for Open Wounds, Secret Obsessions: “This remarkable collection of 14 short stories introduces a powerful new voice in literary fiction. In each of these compelling narratives, Canadian author Linda Joyce Ott creates a deceptively smooth surface where ogres and monsters lurk below. Her characters mysteriously pass from normalcy into serious obsession, if not madness, and the reader is never quite able to say when this happens.

Linda’s special talent for writing instinctively with enormous gut-feeling gives these poignant stories their amazing power. Her refined sense of understatement, direct style, and a keen eye for the telling detail combine to reveal complete worlds of inner turmoil. Vivid descriptions reveal an author who is observant, savvy, and possesses a wicked sense of humour.

Linda Joyce Ott tells a good story with dazzling simplicity. You will delight in discovering this unique voice in these emotionally intense stories.”

Happy Reading! 

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About the Optimism of Color Blog

Every Tuesday and Friday, I’m posting a photo or piece of art that I’ve created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. Through vibrant colors and bold visceral forms, these works shout out my joy at being alive, and my good fortune at being able to continue to make art after a near death experience.

Each of the images I post brings a smile to my face. I hope they bring you similar joy and laughter through the Optimism of Color.

To see more of my photos and art, check out my website http://www.lindajoyceott.com

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  1. Thank you for sharing

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