Strands of Time Video Now on YouTube

To see STRANDS OF TIME, my newest video creation, click here:


Whether I’m walking around the block where I live or strolling on a beach far from home, I feel compelled to photograph moments of time on our wondrous planet.

In this video, I want to share my fascination with the often overlooked bits ‘n’ bobs commonly found on beaches with some of my favourite “memento mori” quotes from famous people including William Blake, Marcus Aurelius, Ben Franklin and Kahil Gibran.

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to view this video and experience a fresh way of seeing typical beach detritus, becoming enchanted with my vision of the ordinary transmuted into the extraordinary.

Some of the images in this video have been featured on this blog and in exhibitions.

Thirty of the photographs with quotations from the video are available in a keepsake, print-on-demand publication with free digital download for $10 a copy from Magcloud –

Strands of Time prints and merchandise are available at

My Optimism of Color Blog

Every Tuesday and Friday, I’m posting a photo or piece of art that I’ve created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. Through vibrant colors and bold visceral forms, these works shout out my joy at being alive, and my good fortune at being able to continue to make art after surviving five cardiac arrests in 2011.

Each of the images I post brings a smile to my face. I hope they bring you similar joy and laughter through the Optimism of Color.

To see more of my photos and art, check out my website

All photos © Linda Joyce Ott 2020

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2 comments on “Strands of Time Video Now on YouTube”

  1. Enjoyed the video! Very well done. Thank you for sharing your vision.

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