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I’ve long been fascinated with vintage advertising signs, documenting them before they vanish.

As a clear writing proponent and former copywriter, I admire their concise messaging rendered in bold typography and clean designs. For me, they evoke a nostalgia for simpler times.

The 30 signs in this portfolio, photographed in Canada and the U.S., are all painted on brick walls.

Clay bricks have a special connotation for me. Not only have I always lived in brick houses in Hamilton and Toronto, but I grew up listening to my mother’s stories about living in The Brickyard

My maternal grandparents with their four children emigrated from northern Italy to Canada in 1927. My grandfather found work at a factory making bricks and sewer pipes in Aldershot, Ontario. The family lived in a shack on the factory grounds aka The Brickyard.

As a child I loved playing with mini-bricks – those brown rubber pre-cursors to Legos. So, the images I’ve made of advertising signs painted on brick walls are layered with personal memories of times gone by.   

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My Optimism of Color Blog

Every Tuesday and Friday, I’m posting a photo or piece of art that I’ve created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. Through vibrant colors and bold visceral forms, these works shout out my joy at being alive, and my good fortune at being able to continue to make art after surviving five cardiac arrests in 2011.

Each of the images I post brings a smile to my face. I hope they bring you similar joy and laughter through the Optimism of Color.
All photos © Linda Joyce Ott 2021

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